What to Know Before Purchasing Siding

What to Know Before Purchasing Siding

So, you’re thinking about purchasing new siding for your home. That’s great news!

New siding is perfect for giving your home a makeover from both an aesthetic viewpoint as well as a practical one. Curb appeal is crucial if you’re going to sell your home in the future, but equally as important is the fact that your siding is the first defense that your home has against outside elements like moisture and insect infestations.

But if you’re just starting your search, educating yourself on the nuances of siding can be daunting.

How much siding should you purchase? What features should you consider, and how can you make sure your siding is installed properly?

In this blog, we’ll give you some must-know info to keep in mind before you buy siding for your home.

What is the Right Amount of Siding to Purchase?

While your siding contractors in Apex, NC will help figure exactly how much siding you need for your home, it would be wise for you to come up with a rough estimate by yourself. No ladder needed!

Here’s how: multiply the height of your home times the width of every rectangular section that your house has (in feet), making sure to measure from the ground. From there, multiply the approx. width and height of your home’s gables and divide that number by 2.

When you’re done, add the totals up. If you want to consider any waste, don’t worry about subtracting for windows, doors or any other areas that won’t be covered by siding. Siding is sold by the square (100 square feet), so divide your home’s total square footage by 100 to figure out how many squares of siding you’ll need to purchase.

How Can I Make My Siding Last?

It sounds like a no-brainer, but the lifespan of your siding can be extended by addressing any repair or maintenance issues that pop up. The good news is you can perform some of the maintenance yourself! For instance, siding is prone to leakage where windows and doors meet. Why take time out of your day and money out of your wallet to hire a contractor when you can fix it with a $5 package of caulk? If there are ducts or pipes in your attic that you notice have gaps, seal them up so you don’t have to worry about damming. Make sure your attic is insulated, as well.

Make Sure Your Siding is Installed Properly

To make our point short and sweet, if you’re having new siding installed, we recommend that you bring in a seasoned, licensed professional to do the job. Always take into account business reviews, client feedback, whether or not the business has an up-to-date website and what kind of resources they provide for clients. Don’t see a blog like you’re reading here on Storm Guard Roofing and Construction? Be wary!

Note that if your old siding is sound, new siding can go right on top of it, but if you’re dealing with wood siding that has rotted it needs to be replaced. If you are replacing your old siding, always make sure there is a moisture barrier beneath the siding that is being installed. Something small like this could help save you thousands of dollars in the future. Remember, fly-by-night siding contractors take short cuts like only attaching fasteners to sheathing, instead of wall studs as well.

Choosing the Right Siding Professional

Earlier we mentioned a few ways to make sure your siding is installed properly and touched on a few ways that you can screen the contractors that you’re considering. At Storm Guard Roofing and Construction of Apex NC we take pride in every job that we do, and even if we don’t get your business, we feel good about giving you the essentials you need to make an informed purchase decision. Your home is our priority, and as such, you can always rest assured that you’ll get the highest quality materials and the best customer service no matter what your needs are, whether you’re looking to replace your roof or upgrade your siding.