The Benefits of Shingles Over Metal Roofs

The Benefits of Shingles Over Metal Roofs

The Benefits of Shingles Over Metal Roofs

Getting a new roof is one of those unavoidable expenses for homeowners, landlords and investors. Unless you buy another property and sell your home within a few years, replacing the roof will likely generate one of the biggest upkeep expenses you’ll ever face. That’s why so many people choose shingles because they’re a more affordable option than a metal roof. Shingle roofs rank as the most popular choice of homeowners, and investors. 75 percent of all roofs use asphalt or fiberglass shingles. [1]

The Advantages of Asphalt Shingles

Many homeowners don’t plan to live in their homes for long periods. Growing families, better jobs and career opportunities in other locations are common reasons to move or upgrade your home. Shingles are cheaper than metal roofing, and they’re also easier to install, so you save money on installation costs. If you’re insuring your asphalt roof, it’s considerably less expensive than insuring a metal roof. [2] The benefits of installing an asphalt or fiberglass shingle roof include:

Faster Completion

  • Faster Completion Replacing a roof is subject to weather concerns. If you don’t want to risk long delays in the installation process, shingles are the best option. It takes less labor and time to install or repair shingles. Asphalt shingles come prepackaged in different sizes and are installation-ready to be nailed to the deck.

Cheaper and Easier Repairs

  • Cheaper and Easier Repairs might only require replacing a few shingles. They can be removed one at a time around the sources of a leak, which limits repair time and materials needed to make the repair. Heavy asphalt shingles seldom blow away in high winds, and they’re easy to walk on when inspecting the roof or making repairs.

More Contractors Available

  • More Contractors Available As the most popular roofing, shingles can be installed by more qualified contractors than other roofing types.

Wide Availability

  • Wide Availability Shingles are available at local distributors, home supply stores and other retailers. You can choose your style and colors to complement your home or neighborhood design or to match your existing roof.

No Risk of Salt-air or Hail Damage

  • No Risk of Salt-air or Hail Damage Metal roofs can be damaged by hail storms and proximity to coastlines where salt air can accelerate rusting. Manufacturers won’t offer warranties on roofs in coastal areas unless they’re made of aluminum.


  • Customizations Asphalt tiles are easy to cut and shape for complex roof installations such as satellite dishes, antennas, chimneys and vents.

Reasonable Cost-Value Return

  • Reasonable Cost-Value Return Asphalt shingles can last between 15-20 years with regular maintenance. There’s little reason to invest in a more expensive roof unless you plan to stay in your home until retirement or beyond.

City Regulations

  • City Regulations Some cities, communities and Home Owners’ Associations ban metal roofs in the interests of creating a unified appearance. Aesthetic concerns include the high glare metal generates, inconsistent neighborhood views and roofs that might look too “industrial.”

Drawbacks of Metal Roofs

You could easily spend two or three times as much on a metal roof without even considering repair expenses and increased insurance premiums. The drawbacks of choosing a metal roof include:

Extended Costs in Every Aspect of Installing and Maintaining a Metal Roof

  • Extended Costs in Every Aspect of Installing and Maintaining a Metal Roof The costs of installing and maintaining a metal roof just keep coming. You have to pay a higher price for skilled labor, metal fabricators, materials and specialized equipment. Insurance costs are usually higher because replacing the roof is more expensive.

Installation Delays

  • Installation Delays Metal roofs are labor-intensive. There is no room for errors when installing a metal roof, but shingles can be customized to fit and space. More labor time–when coupled with weather-induced delays–could easily result in an unacceptable amount of time required for installation.

Glare and Oil Canning

  • Glare and Oil Canning Glare from a metal roof can prevent people from seeing its beauty. All metal roofs produce oil canning, an appearance of waviness across any flat areas of the roof.

Making a Wise and Professional Choice

Regardless of your preference, it’s critical to check manufacturer slope requirements, which might restrict your choice of roofing material. There are some environments where a shingle or metal roof is clearly a better choice. That’s why it’s important to consult an experienced, professional contractor to guide you to the best decision for your needs.

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