Common Vinyl Siding FAQs

Common Vinyl Siding FAQs

Exterior siding gives your home a complete, polished finish that provides protection and looks great.

At Storm Guard, we get questions about vinyl siding every day – questions that we thought we would compile and answer for our fantastic customers. If you have questions about vinyl siding, there’s a good chance we’ll answer it in this blog post!

Does Vinyl Siding Require Regular Maintenance?

There really isn’t any outdoor feature – from windows to siding – that doesn’t require at least some kind of upkeep throughout the year. Like any exterior element of your home, siding will age and become weaker over time. To keep your siding looking great, clean it at least once a year. You might also need to re-paint your siding after a few years. To prevent premature aging and ineffectiveness, make sure that your gutter system works correctly and directs water away from your home’s exterior features.

How Long Will My Vinyl Siding Last?

Vinyl siding is meant to last a long time, but the answer to this question really depends on the kind of vinyl siding you purchase. You must also take into consideration the warranty associated with your vinyl siding. Many vinyl siding products will last more than 30 years. Some are meant to last a lifetime. At Storm Guard, we offer the highest quality vinyl siding options in the industry – give us a shout today to learn more about your options.

Pro Tip: When selecting your vinyl siding, be sure to keep your local climate in mind. If you live in a very hot or very cold climate, you should select vinyl siding that will stand up to the harsh temperatures in your area.

What Vinyl Siding Colors Can I Choose From?

When vinyl siding was introduced to mass markets in the 1950s, it was offered in bland, neutral colors like beige and tan. Thankfully, since that time, vinyl siding color options have expanded and evolved. Today, you have your choice of colors like red, white, brown, and even blue. Some vinyl siding products can even mimic wood siding.

How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

It’s hard to calculate the exact price of your vinyl siding project. Factors include the type of vinyl siding you choose, discounts that might apply, and the company from which you purchase your new vinyl siding. The good news is that vinyl siding is one of the most inexpensive siding choices on the market. This kind of siding is less expensive to install and often does not require paint. In many cases, vinyl siding actually increases home value. Money spent on installation is often covered when the homeowners sell.

What Are Some Popular Benefits of Vinyl Siding?

As mentioned above, vinyl siding is often less expensive to buy and install than other siding options. Vinyl is also great for home insulation – it’s kind of like wrapping a big, warm blanket wrapped around your home that minimizes drafts. Vinyl siding is also energy efficient, reflects radiant heat, and can reduce road noise. All in all, vinyl siding is an excellent option if you’re building a home or replacing your old siding.

Who Can Install Vinyl Siding?

Some homeowners try to install vinyl siding alone, while others look for the cheapest offer from contractors. As siding experts, we wouldn’t recommend either of those options. DIYing your siding may result in improper installation or injury, and hiring a cheap contractor often has the same results. You should always consult with professionals who have stellar reviews and a proven track record of success. At Storm Guard Roofing and Construction of Apex NC, you can rest easy knowing our team is fully-trained, experienced, and ready to help. Check out our reviews for confirmation!

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