Common Questions About Gutters Questions Answered

Common Questions About Gutters Questions Answered

Gutters are one of the most essential features of your home. When properly maintained, they can extend the life of your home and protect your family. When they are not maintained, many problems can occur that require costly repairs if not addressed.

Here at Storm Guard Roofing and Construction, we get gutter-related questions every day. While we’re always excited to answer customer questions on the phone, we understand that some folks prefer to get their answers online.

For that reason, we have compiled some of the most common questions that we get regarding gutters, with easy-to-understand answers for your convenience.

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Why Does My Home Need Gutters?

Gutters don’t just handle rain and water – they also catch leaves, twigs, snow, and, depending on where you live, ice. A complete gutter system adds to your home’s exterior appearance and helps protect the structure’s foundation and landscaping.

When your gutter system is installed by professional gutter experts like those at Storm Guard Roofing and Construction, it can help protect your home from:

  • Siding Damage
  • Foundation Damage
  • Stain Damage
  • Landscaping Damage

Remember, having gutters on your home is crucial but having a team of trained gutter experts on your side is important too. We recommend you call our office before you try a DIY approach – we’ll not only save you money, we’ll keep you safe and comfortable while we work hard on your behalf.

How Do I Know If My Gutters Aren’t Working?

Most homeowners don’t think about their gutters unless they know they’re damaged. For that reason, it’s important to check your gutters periodically. The next time you’re walking around your home, keep an eye out for these warning signs:

  • Water in your basement or attic
  • Mold growth
  • Improper drainage
  • Standing water
  • Visible signs of damage like dents
  • Gutters are no longer attached to your home
  • Paint peeling off the side of your home

One of the best ways to know if your gutters are working is by having an inspection completed by a trustworthy gutter company. When you call Storm Guard Roofing and Construction for a gutter inspection, our team will break down your gutter issues in person so you understand what’s going on. Once you do, we’ll provide a detailed quote on a long-lasting gutter solution.

One of the best ways to tell if your gutters are working is by doing an inspection. It’s best to do so after you’ve cleaned your gutters. Check the downspouts and seams for separation or cracks. Make sure everything is aligned. If you notice something that seems out of place, be sure to contact a contractor.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

Leaving your gutters clogged for long periods can be incredibly harmful to your house. Over time, debris like twigs, leaves, and even birds nests will build up, causing your gutter system to work improperly. Clogged gutters can also cause serious fire hazards during hot months.

So, how often should you clean your gutters?

Most gutter professionals recommend you clean your gutters at least twice a year – most often in the spring and fall. Depending on your home’s location, you might need to clean your gutters more than twice a year.

Make it a point of priority to walk around your home to check for signs of clogging or improper drainage. If you believe your gutters are clogged, take extra caution climbing up on your roof to clear them out. For a safer gutter cleaning approach, try consulting with an experienced gutter cleaning company like Storm Guard Roofing and Construction. Our professionals have cleaned thousands of gutters in North Carolina and are ready and waiting to save you the hassle and danger of a DIY gutter cleaning project.

How Long Will My Gutter Last?

With the right maintenance and care, your gutters should last you about 20 years before you should consider a replacement gutter system. If you don’t make it a habit to maintain your gutters, they won’t last anywhere near that time frame.

Some premium options like copper gutters can last as long as 50 years or more, although these gutters are often more expensive than their more common cousins.

When Do I Need to Hire a Professional Gutter Company?

Anytime you need your new gutters installed or repaired, you should work with a team of expert gutter professionals. While many homeowners prefer to do light cleaning and upkeep themselves, there is always danger involved when you have to climb a ladder or stand on your roof. Sometimes, DIY maintenance can do more harm than good.

At Storm Guard Roofing and Construction of Apex NC, our installers can handle every aspect of gutter maintenance, from standard debris removal to large-scale replacement projects. If you’re unsure whether or not your gutters are working correctly, we offer FREE, no-obligation gutter project estimates to help you get started.