3 Benefits of Replacing Your Windows Now

Homeownership lets people exercise a massive amount of freedom and live their own lives. At the same time, property owners take on considerable responsibilities. From HVAC upkeep to lawn maintenance and window replacement, some tasks are simply unavoidable facts of life.

When is the best time to replace a home’s windows? Although different situations call for unique home maintenance strategies, a surprising number of property owners stand to benefit by acting now. Here are three reasons why this might be the best time for a window replacement.

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  1. Having New Windows Gives Property Owners More Options

Windows do way more than just letting in outdoor light. As some of the first features that property buyers look at when they’re considering a purchase, these eye-catching fixtures are critical selling points.

This is just as relevant for people who aren’t planning on selling quite yet. For instance, interior experts at Angie’s List note that different frame materials, such as PVC, aluminum and composite, have varied benefits and disadvantages. In other words, even though new windows usually increase property values, not all windows are a good match for all homes. Planning things out now makes it easier to avoid such mistakes.

Waiting to replace a property’s windows right up until it’s time to list the sale is usually ill-advised: Since this decision can take time, most homeowners prefer to make a choice early. If they discover that they dislike the windows they’ve chosen or find defects after the installation, then they can make changes without rushing or feeling stressed.


  1. Less Time With Old Windows Means Less Energy Wasted and More Money Saved

Modern glassmaking might be thousands of years old, but window technology is still evolving. Every new generation of panes, sashes, hinges and hardware is markedly superior to the last.

Windows are getting better at doing their job. The U.S. Department of Energy even says that replacing windows can be one of the most effective solutions for improving in-home comfort while lowering heating and cooling costs.

How Do New Windows Save Money?

Newer window models use technology to cut back on waste in multiple ways, including

  • Featuring custom energy efficiency properties that suit specific locales,
  • Minimizing the amount of heat-inducing solar radiation that passes through the glass in already-hot summer weather conditions, and
  • Using gas-filled cavities and specialized coatings to keep heat loss down in cold climates.

Smarter window designs and expert installations are good for people’s wallets. Money Crashers reports that some homeowners realize huge gains by transitioning from old windows to better energy savers: They might recoup up to 90 percent of the cost. Depending on where people live, they may even be eligible for various tax credits if they install windows with appropriate Energy Star ratings.


The Value of Being in the Know

Thinking about getting a window replacement now instead of waiting until the next extreme weather season also makes it easier to stay ahead of problems that may arise. For instance, swapping out an old window for a model that has an improved U-factor, or heat transfer coefficient, might not be enough to stop air leakage if the frame or seals also need exhaustive reconstruction.

Knowing about these problems is the key to fixing them properly. The sooner homeowners get informed by an expert, the better equipped they are to take intelligent action.


  1. Costs Are Only Mounting

Whether it’s due to inflation, trade wars or the fact that manufacturers are creating better devices worth more money, window prices are climbing. The rise is gradual enough that delaying an installation by a day or two might not make a difference, but don’t get lulled into a false sense of security: It’s highly unlikely that installing new windows will ever be as affordable as it is right now.


Is It Time for a Window Replacement?

Not all properties are in dire need of new windows, especially if they’re new buildings. Homeowners with older windows, however, are usually better off when they don’t wait around. Always take time to consider the decision carefully, but act decisively to take advantage of the biggest benefits.


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